FAQ’s about Certified Nurse MidwivesPartridge Creek OBGYN

Q. What is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)?
A. A midwife is a nurse who has obtained a Masters degree in midwifery and then pass a national certification exam. She has specialized experience in providing expert care for women throughout their lives from teenage years through pregnancy, labor and delivery on to menopausal women.

Q. What services do CNM’s offer at Partridge Creek Ob/Gyn?
A. Laboratory and radiologic testing (Blood draws, ultrasounds and mammograms, etc.)
– Annual well women exams (Pap smears, sexual transmitted infections testing)
– Contraception (Birth control including pills, patches, rings, depo provera injections (the shot), Nexplanon and IUD’s
– Gynecologic problem visits (Yeast or bacterial infections, breast complaints, urinary tract infections, etc)
– Preconception counseling

Q. What if I have a health concern that necessitates further attention?
A. The CNM at Partridge Creek Ob/Gyn has access to covering physicians 24/7 should a medical emergency arise. The attending physicians are very supportive of the midwifery model of care.

Q. Where will I give birth?
A. We deliver babies at Troy Beaumont Hospital.

Q. Don’t midwives deliver babies at home?
A. While it is true that some midwives deliver babies at home, our CNM only delivers babies at Troy Beaumont Hospital.

Q. Can I get medications during my labor?
A. Yes you can! Every pregnancy is different but you may be able to opt for Intravenous (I.V.) pain medications or an epidural. The CNM supports YOUR birth plan.

Q. Does insurance cover midwifery care?
A. Most insurances cover care delivered by a CNM. Please call our office for more information on your specific insurance questions.

Q. How long will my prenatal visit be?
A. Your prenatal visit is usually about 15-20 minutes long. Your weight and blood pressure are measured then we will listen to the baby’s heartbeat. After that your specific health questions will be answered. Education about pregnancy and birth is a big component of CNM visits. Visits are usually monthly during the beginning of your pregnancy and then become more frequent as the pregnancy progresses.

Q. Will the midwife that I see in the office be the one to deliver my baby?
A. Yes! We have one CNM at Partridge Creek Ob/Gyn and she will be the one to deliver your baby. You will follow with CNM during your pregnancy, through labor and delivery and then follow up with her in the office postpartum.

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